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Bangladesh Passport
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Bangladesh Passport

A Bangladesh passport is a travel document issued by the Government of Bangladesh ONLY to its citizens for the purpose of international travel. It must be either in the custody of the bearer or of a person duly authorized by its bearer. If lost or destroyed, the fact and circumstances must be immediately reported to the Passport Office in Bangladesh or the nearest Bangladesh Mission and to the local police authorities. Issuance of a passport can be denied on grounds of suppression of facts or submission of incorrect information. Any willful damage to passport or unauthorized changes/corrections on a passport will render it invalid. A passport, upon request, may be issued to a Bangladeshi national on the following grounds: The passport has completed or is about to complete 10 years The pages of the passport has exhausted or is about to exhaust The passport has been damaged The passport has been lost / stolen / destroyed. Children endorsed earlier in their mother's passport may also apply for a separate passport. For submission of application for passport, please click here.

Please keep a photocopy of your passport in a safe place. Without details of the previous passport, issuance of a passport may significantly be delayed.

Passport Services by Mail

Application for a new passport booklet against an expired/damaged/ page exhausted passport may be serviced by mail. However, application for a new passport against a lost/stolen/destroyed passport is NOT accepted by mail. In such cases, the applicant has to appear in person at the Consulate General to submit the application. Once the application is accepted for processing, the new passport may be DELIVERED by mail. We encourage applicants to take advantage of our mail-in service. Please visit our mail-in service pages to learn more about passport services via mail.

MRP Status

For list of MRP received by Bangladesh Consulate General in Los Angeles Click Here






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